Hello all, and welcome to the Home page for the Wargamer Project Podcast. James and I have been working hard to get this site up and running and adding as much high quality content on here as we can.

In addition to posting the podcast here so you can listen from our site, we are working on adding additional content for the Hobby Segments, some more coverage for the new lines of products coming out from Games Workshop and other companies that will have some amazing models, and more for the signature Wargasam segment.

We are also pleased to start the process of adding more resources for you, our listeners for additional podcasts related to Warhammer Fantasy (both 8th Edition, and Age of Sigmar.), 9th Age, Hordes/Warmachine and more. And hope to build this section as a place you will really be able to find helpful in searching for new content.

Our calendar will feature tournament information from all over the US, (and if requested other locations internationally…let us know what you would like to see.) We want to make our tournament list one of the best available, and easy to access.

We hope you all enjoy the work we are putting into this as much as the podcast, and get as much happiness from it as we do, and we welcome your feedback.

~Shane and James
The Wargamer Project Podcast

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