Episode 43: The One with the Buckeye Battles…

It’s time to get your listening ears on, and get ready for a fun time…The guys are here with a brand spanking new episode. Today we are talking about Buckeye Battles 2018, some fun alternate Models, and we have a discussion about James 4500 pt Vermin Swarm List for the Buckeye Main Event.

So kick back and enjoy Episode 43 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.


Buckeye Battles 2018
July 6th-8th, 2018
Email: Truckeye@aol.com

Mierce Miniatures





Episode 42: Turning that Cornerhammer GT

It’s been a good minute since the boys have been back, but here we are with a brand new episode for you.

James and Shane are joined this time by our good friends Nik and Nasty Nate himself, and we are talking about the Cornerhammer GT that took place in Schaumburg IL. Nik being a first time 9th Ager gives us some great insight on his view of the game, and we get into both the Friday Team Event, and the 2 Day Grand Tournament.

So sit back and enjoy the newest Episode of  The Wargamer Project Podcast.

Episode 41: Building that Team List

It’s February, so you know what that means…another episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast is here and ready for your enjoyment. Today the boys are talking some team tournament list building in preparation for the upcoming Cornerhammer GT in Schaumberg Illinois.

We are also talking about a really cool new table top game we were shown called Wreck-Age and discuss our thoughts and opinions on this new system, Shane shares a really cool new hobby tool he found at Green Stuff Inc and we share some thoughts on the new 9th Age Hot fix news that has been spreading its way over the forums.

Sit back and enjoy the 41st episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast.


March 23-25th
Schaumburg Courtyard Marriot


Green Stuff World

Episode 40: 2.0 Initial Reactions


Happy New Year’s everyone. So after some time away, the guys return to discuss one of the greatest Holiday Gifts we could have gotten…yep, the 2.0 beta release from The 9th Age is out, and OH MY GOD!!!

Shane and James are giving their initial thoughts on the new rules, and some of the new Army books.

We also are getting excited for the upcoming Red River Rumble, and Cornerhammer GT’s coming up in February and March, and really are looking forward to all the fun stuff ahead for 9th Age in 2018.

Hope you all enjoy Episode 40 of The Wargammer Project Podcast.


Red River Rumble GT
February 24-25th, 2018
915 East 53rd St N
Park City, KS  67219
$50.00 entry before February 2nd, $55.00 after that


Cornerhammer GT
March 23-25th, 2018
Schaumburg Courtyard Marriot
Schaumberg Illinois.
$55.00 Entry fee for the 2 day GT, $30.00/Team for the Friday Team Event

Episode 39: Tourney Talk Follow Up

Shane and James talk upcoming tournaments and events, the newest 9th Scroll, and Shane reacts to some recent Youtube videos! Plus we have a quick shout out for Factious Waste, a new Post-Apocalyptic skirmish game.

Sit back and enjoy Episode 39, but be warned…Shane gets a little angry here.



Da Boyz GT

Factious Waste

Episode 38: Tourney Talk!!!

Oh the fellas are coming in hot…We are discussing the gut reaction to Adepticon canceling the 9th Age events and how we are feeling. Just a hint…we’re not happy.

Then we get some amazing information from Jeff Durham about the 1st ever HogfestGt 9th Age event.

So come on in, and enjoy some chatter with the guys…the Wargamer Project Podcast is ready for your enjoyment.


Website: https://www.hogfestgt.com/
November 4th -5th
4500 point, 5 round 9th Age GT

Episode 37: Updates and Events

The boys return after some time away from the mic, and we’re bringing some fun event info with us. Come on over and give a listen as James and Shane talk about a new hobby project James is super excited about, and some great 9th Age tournaments that are coming up.

Episode 37 is here and ready for your enjoyment.


Da Boyz Grand Tournament

November 17-19th in Rochester New York

Email: daboyzrocgt@gmail.com

Twitter: @Khornelord


Updates to the 2017 Carolina Smackdown:
Okay guys, the Misfires are sorry to announce that due to limited reservations and the issue with version 2.0 looming in the near future, the Misfires have decided to change this year’s Smackdown to a 1-day event with 3 games. Admission will now be $15 and there will be 4 prizes, Top 2 Generals, Top Paint, and Best Model.

We wanted to inform you all before making firm plans and so those who have reserved hotel rooms could cancel without penalty.

We are sorry for this change, but we don’t want people making such a long trip for a small 5-game tournament. Please look for us to have Smackdown next year around the same time.”

Episode 36: Tournament Gabbin with the Gimp

Oh…it’s that time. We are here for some delightful fun time, Shane and James are talking Tournaments. And we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend, Fergus the Gimp. We talk over some of our favorite tournaments from The 9th Age, and get into some added crazy conversation.

So sit back and enjoy Episode 36 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.



Episode 35: Better Know an Army – Vampire Covenant

It’s that time folks. Shane and James are here to talk some Vampire Covenant, in our ongoing series of Better Know an Army. There’s some fun times ahead as we discuss our new launched Youtube channel, and some tournament roundup.

So relax and enjoy Episode 35 of the Wargamer Project Podcast.



Tournament Round Up:

Episode 34: Adepticon Cometh, Adepticon Goeth…


Adepticon 2017 is in the books, and Shane and James are here to bring you their post A-Con wrap up. We talk about some of the 9th Age fun we got to see, discuss some fun Malifaux that James is getting into, and are joined by our good Friend Pat Moline from the SNAFU Bolt Action Podcast for a fun post A-Con chat. All that and some 9th Age tournament wrap up to keep everyone in the know.

So sit back and enjoy the 34th Episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast


SNAFU Bolt Action Podcast


Tournament Round Up