Episode 27: The List of Lists that where Listed to List the List

Episode 27 is ready for your listening pleasure. We are joined today by Fergus the Gimp, and Lenny the Tyrant, and we are talking Lists. We get some great perspective on list building form a couple of seasoned tournament players, talk about some resources for list building, and do a little tournament round-up.

Enjoy Episode 27 of the Wargamer Project Podcast…



Army Builder – Made by Lone Wolf Development,
iOS app for Army Builder
Cost: $39.99 but you get 2 licenses.

Universal Battle – http://www.universalbattle.com/ A virtual tabletop for gaming and testing lists.
Free account available.

Tournament Round-up

Slobberknocker GT
July 23rd-24th, $60.00
40K. Kings of War, 9th Age, Malifaux, and Sigmar
Location: Saddleback Inn + Conference Center, Oklahoma City, OK

 Buckeye Battle: Strength in Numbers
August 27-28th, $100.00 per team($25.00 per Player)
Location: The Toledo Game Room, Toledo OH
ETC Style team tournament

South Carolina Smackdown
September 10th-11th, $35/$45 entry fee
Location: Firefly Toys and Games in Columbia, SC
2500 9th Age GT

The Michigan GT
Sept 30th-2nd
Location: Causeway Bay Convention Center, Lansing MI
GT, many events planned, check their website for more.

Mayhem in the Mountain GT
October 8th-9th, $50.00
Location: Kirk Hall at the Douglass County Fair Grounds. 500 Fairgrounds Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80104
2500 pt 9th Age GT

WCW Throwdown
Nov 5th-6th, $55.00
Location Courtyard by Marriot, Schaumburg IL
9th Age GT

Episode 26: The Next Top Model

Its that time, and the boys are here. We have a shout out from the Inbox with some talk about the New Sylvan book for 9th Age, An amazing Wargasam talking about alternate Models, and the companies that produce them, and a quick tournamanet Round up for some goings on. So sit back and enjoy the show.


Sylvan Book: http://pdf.the-ninth-age.com/pdf/the-ninth-age_Sylvan_Elves_Army_Book_1-0-0.pdf

New/Alternative Model Companies



Carolina Smackdown GT: http://wargamersusa.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3495

Slobberknocker GT: http://www.slobberknockergt.com/




Episode 25: Return of the Fergus

For the 25th Episode of the Wargamer Project Podcast, we welcome back Fergus to the show to talk about sustainability in the 9th Age.

We often hear the question as 9th Age players, “How can your game last as a homebrew?”well, open your earholes and take a listen to this awesomeness…and then we nerd out a bit…ok a lot.



9th Age Rule set v1.0: http://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php?simple-page/

New Supporter of 9th Age, Sheildwolf Minis: http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/


Episode 24: #LaunchofOnePointOh


James and Shane talk the 9th Age 1.0 Release, answer some listener questions in some shout outs from the inbox, and talk about some news and happenings from around the U.S. in the 9th Age scene.


  • The Crossroads GT will be September 16th-18th at the Holiday Inn Elmira-Riverview.
    Event details and registration can be found at crossroads-gt.com





Episode 22: The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Episode 22 is here, and it’s going to be a good one. Nasty Nate joins Shane and James to talk about the X-Wing store Championship tournament He and Shane played in at Games by James in Burnsville MN.

Then a very special treat as James and Shane are joined for an interview with Furgus the Gimp, the Tournament Organizer for the 9th Age tournaments being held at this years Adepticon. We get into the events coming up, and even talk a little Blood in the sun.

Sit back and let your ears be ready for some fun times…enjoy Episode 22 of The Wargamer Project Podcast.

Episode 20: Competition in the 9th Age

The name of the game is competition, and the boys are all about it. Enjoy Episode 20 of the Wargamer Project Podcast. This episode, get an update on the 9th Age Tournaments happening in North America, and the guys are joined by Ro Nevarez from The Wicked GT to discuss the tournament and the happenings on in Kansas. Enjoy the 20th Episode.


Tournament Update

February 21st, 2400pt 9th Age Tournament.
Being held at Epic Loot in Centerville, OH

New Information on the Team Tournament at Oh-con 2016

Northern Defenders Convention in Quebec, Ontario

Interview with Ro Nevarez from The Wicked GT www.thewickedgt.com

Artwork on the WickedGT webpage, and trophy design done by Brian Hunter.

How to Prime Miniatures Video – by MiniWargamerJay

When I first started with Warhammer, and painting miniatures, I found this video series by MniWargamerJay (go subscribe to his channel a lot of great information) and found this to be an amazing series for beginners, or just to brush up on some techniques. I am hoping to begin posting more video resources like this in the future that I have found that are/were really helpful for me, and might help you when looking for things to aid in your hobby endeavors.