A new year and a new beginning for the show, as we christen the new Wargamer Project Podcast name. Shane and James talk about the new play system The 9th Age, with a brief discussion about the start of the game, talk about the new names to some of the great armies that are available for the system, and some of the things we love about it.

We continue the discussion with talk of the potential for a US Masters for The 9th Age and some upcoming tournaments that are coming up in the US.

For more information on The 9th Age system see their website at:




  • Battle for Oz Tournament Series – Dorothy’s Return Home, Wichita, KS February 20th https://www.facebook.com/mwgamingalliance/
    What: 9th Age Tournament
    Where: Hero Complex, Wichita, Kansas
    When: February 20th, 2016, Dice drop at 10:30 AM!
    Details: $10 entry fee. 3 rounds. New scenarios. 2,500 point 9th Age Army lists.
  • Ohio Con: Toledo Ohio, March 4-6, squarespace.com/
    Grand Tournament: This is a max 60 player – 2 day, 5 Game, 2400 Point Tournament
    Team Tournament: This is a 1 day, 3 Game, 1.5k Team Tournament (750 points per player).
    Plus many more options for other game systems.
  • Brawler Bash GT: Atomic Empire Durham NC: March 12-13
  • The Wicked GT: Wichita Kansas, March 18-20 thewickedgt.com
  • Big Brawl @ Adepticon 2016: Schaumburg Illinois, March 31, adepticon.org/
    • Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Big Brawl
    • Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Singles Tournament
    • Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Team Tournament
    • Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Warbands